Which Flowers are Popular in the Fall?


The summer has a reputation for having the most beautiful flowers, but the fall may have the most breathtaking blooms of all. Fall flowers are bold, bright and command attention.

Florists often consider them to be spectacles of beauty; everyone wants to enjoy flowers in the fall! And now, with the best flower delivery in the area, you can get them delivered to your doorstep! If you order fall flowers online, you’ll be surprised to see how florists around the city have decorated their online nurseries. While this is great news, you may still be stumped about which flowers to order. Sunflowers, celosis, chrysanthemums, marigolds, flowering kale, gerbera daisies and lilies are beautiful fall floral choices. Even though they’re not traditionally fall flowers, several flower shops receive shipments of many varieties of tulips and hyacinths that work very well with more traditional fall floral choices. Selecting from so many beautiful options is not easy, so let’s focus on some popular fall flowers to make choosing the right options a little easier for you.


If you want to make someone smile, send them sunflowers! These bright, cheerful flowers are available in orange, red or yellow; they’re perfect to brighten someone’s day, or to make the focal part of your arrangement. While there are numerous varieties available, sunflowers commonly bloom during the summer and part of the fall. They’re harder to find in the winter, so this is a great time to order them!

Beautiful sunflowers bouquet

Gerbera Daisy

The gerbera daisy is a popular flower that commands attention. It can stand alone or complement other flowers in an arrangement. Some varieties of gerberas that are popular in the fall are:

  • The Serena gerbera, this flower is shaded in a dark pink with a dark centre
  • The Calypso gerbera is a stunning choice for fall with hues of orange
  • The yellow river gerbera has a bright, vibrant look that shines as brightly as its name

Gerbera Daisy


A celosia is often considered one of the most durable fall flowers. It comes in several colours, and is a lovely way to make a garden or bouquet more vibrant. Celosias come in the following colours:

  • Warm orange
  • Burgundy
  • Purple
  • Bright yellow
  • Red

Celosias tend to look a bit like a flame, and they can give your garden vertical impact that is often hard to find. Their height and shape also makes them the perfect choice for fall flower bouquets!


Flowering Kale

Some people also call this flower a cabbage because it looks a lot like one. It is the heartiest, most durable flower you can get in fall because it can stand up to frost and snow. Choosing a flowering kale is a great investment because it will last through the fall and into the winter!


Lilies come in many different varieties and colours. They’re a versatile choice for a stunning fall bouquet or arrangement. A classic choice is the asiatic lily (a gorgeous white flower that blooms in the fall), but there are many other colours and types of lilies available, too. If you’re trying to add some elegance to an arrangement, lilies are an excellent choice.

Since you can now order fall flowers online easily, you don’t have to go searching for the perfect asters around the city. Just place your order, online or by phone, and the best flower delivery service in the area will make your fall floral wishes come true!


How to Order Flowers Online at the Last Minute

Flowers Shop

Flowers can be an excellent gift for your loved ones. Not only is gifting a loved one flowers very thoughtful, but you can order flowers online with a few clicks and a couple minutes. In 2020, it doesn’t matter if your loved ones are near you or far, getting them flowers is easy to do!
The only thing you have to decide is which flowers you’re going to send them. There are various websites online that can deliver flowers to your loved ones, but what should you know before you order flowers online?

Online Flowers

Ordering Flowers Online

The Occasion

Thankfully, the order process is very easy. In fact, it has improved a great deal over time. First, you’ll need to decide the occasion you’re sending flowers for. Don’t feel the pressure to come up with the right words; attaching a note is optional, and your flowers can speak for you (especially if you use a card fitting the occasion).

Selecting Flowers

Calla Lily
The type of flowers you choose to send depends on the connection you have with them. The calla lily is very versatile because it is available in many different colours. These flowers are commonly used in bride’s bouquets at weddings.

Cala Lily Flower
The carnation flower is known as the flower of the Gods. The carnation also has several meanings and uses. This flower usually represents love, fascination and beauty. Carnations are often gifted on Mother’s Day.

Carnation Flowers
There are over 120 different kinds of roses. The rose is a timeless flower, and is a symbol of beauty in many cultures. More importantly, the rose represents love, but the type of love depends on the colour of the rose. Yellow roses represent friendship. The rose can signify a great journey for someone who is embarking on a new adventure, or it can also be a symbol of love for your crush or sweetheart on Valentine’s Day.

Fresh Red Roses Flowers

Date of Delivery

Once you’ve selected the flower you’re going to send your loved one, you can select the date and time of the delivery. The best flower delivery services can also deliver flowers for you on the same day you need them. This can be very helpful if you’ve forgotten a birthday initially but remembered in the nick of time (or Facebook helped you remember).
If that’s the case, same day delivery is a gamechanger! 416-Flowers is one of very few flower shops in Toronto that guarantees same day delivery across the GTA as long as you order by 2:00 p.m. Even if the clock is ticking, we have many beautiful arrangements that your friend, family member or loved one will love (and they’ll never guess that you ordered them so quickly).

What do Flower Colours Mean & Symbolize?

Flowers are one of the most popular gifts around the world. They are given for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and many other occasions. Flowers are beautiful, smell good, and can put a smile on a person’s face. Each flower has meaning, and traditions associated with it. The colours of the flowers act as a secret language. Therefore, there is a meaning behind giving a particular colour of the flower on a particular occasion. Keep reading to find out what popular colours of flowers mean and symbolize.

Meaning symbolization of Flower Colours


Blue flowers are known to represent tranquility, and they are given to relax the worries of the receiver. Blue symbolizes serenity, peace, and openness. Fresh flower bouquets with blue flowers offer an antidote for anxiousness.


Pink flowers symbolize happiness, grace, and gentleness. Regardless of the type of flower, they look delicate and beautiful in the garden or in a flower arrangement. They convey innocence and youth.


Purple is the color of royalty. Purple flowers convey the message of pride, success, and dignity. Whether they are given alone or with different coloured flowers, they always stand out and provide a pop of colour to any flower arrangement. The colour adds contrast and depth. Sometimes these flowers are also given as a sign of admiration and to celebrate an accomplishment.

Purple Flowers


Red flowers symbolize love and passion. The colour red has been touted as fiery with intense energy. Red flowers convey the message of passion, desire and strength. When given to a person, it tells them they are beautiful and desired. There is a reason why red flowers are so popular on Valentine’s Day.


White flowers evoke simplicity, humility, reverence and innocence. Regardless of the shape and size, a white flower makes petals look luxurious and elegant. They add pure beauty to a bouquet filled with mixed flowers. White roses are popular because they look divine and represent elegance and modesty.


Yellow flowers are known to bring a smile to a person’s face. The warmth of the bright yellow daffodils is undoubtedly hard to resist. They symbolize friendship, joy and light-heartedness. They are given to a person to convey the message of new beginnings and happiness.

Yellow Flowers


Lavender is the colour of youth and femininity. Lavender flowers symbolize grace, elegance and refinement. This colour is considered the most precious and delicate when it comes to flowers. Lavender flowers add colour to any bouquet or flower arrangement. They are, without a doubt, one of the most sought-after flower colours.
If you’re searching for beautiful and colourful blooms, then search for your local flower delivery in Toronto to send them to someone to convey the feelings you have with flowers in colours that convey your thoughts and feelings.

White Roses

White roses are generally considered the purest of all flowers. And you can now send these flowers online by simply clicking on a button on your computer screen. Apart from expressing a sense of innocence and purity, white roses are also ideal for demonstrating love and respect. Send these flowers to couples, family, colleagues and friends. At 416-Flowers, we have pieced together a huge assortment of fresh and gorgeous white roses to help you do just that.

Contrary to what you might think, white roses have a unique charm that stands out in every occasion. True to their timelessness, white roses have numerous applications.  The color white has a strong sense of neutrality that effortlessly impacts a tranquil sensation in every setting.

Fresh White Roses for Decorations

White roses are always a great pick for decorations. These flowers can easily blend in with diverse forms of decor. When used in living spaces, white roses can go a long way in expressing a sense of prosperity, protection and peace. Even if you combine white roses with flowers that have extravagant colours, they never lose their charm.

Our white roses always work great with various types of decor including Mediterranean, Feng Shui, and boho chic among others. Besides the beautification of living spaces, white roses are also ideal wedding flowers and birthday flowers.

The White Rose Bouquet by FTD

Bridal Bouquet Flowers

Whether you are planning a white or abstract themed wedding, white roses can always work magic in enhancing the appeal of the venue. In fact, a white flower bouquet is normally considered the ultimate wedding flowers gift. Since white roses can effortlessly get along with several colours and accents, they are always a great choice for many bridal bouquet compositions.

Depending on the theme of the wedding and your specific needs, white roses can be used to decorate the venue just as they are or combined with other accessories to create centerpieces. We offer fresh boxed white roses, white roses in a vase, and bouquet of white roses.

The Best Flowers for Appreciating Your Loved Ones

You can never go wrong with a gift of flowers. Considering their strong sense of purity and tranquillity, presenting a bouquet of white roses to your better half can make a great impression in declaring your sincere devotion to them. Whether wrapped in a paper, arranged in a box or vase, white roses are a cool gift that will undoubtedly warm the heart. In fact, you can even send these roses to patients to wish them quick recovery.

Regardless of how and where you intend to use white roses, it’s important that you get them fresh from a trusted florist. 416-Flowers is the best local florist in Toronto that you should always rely on for a same day flower delivery service. We provide the best flowers that you can easily order or send to the people that you care about whenever you wish.

Luxury 20 White Roses

Order White Roses Online at 416-Flowers

The white roses that we offer at 416-Flowers are available in varying stem sizes, shapes and floral arrangement so you can easily get the perfect match for your needs. Buy white roses online from 416-Flowers now to get the best cheap flower delivery service

White Roses in a Vase

 Clarity Luxury Rose Bouquet

Placing white roses in a vase in your living space can easily inspire a sense of serenity throughout the space. However, that is not all that you can achieve with these specials. In fact, white roses in a vase can work great as gifts for people you cherish. If you wish to send flowers to show sincere commitment to their protection, choose white roses.

416-Flowers is the best local florist in Toronto, offering an assortment of gorgeous white roses in a vase. We understand the unique applications of fresh flowers. As such, we have put together the best selections to enable you to create the desired impression on your loved ones, and in living spaces. Whether you need wedding flowers, birthday flowers, or funeral flowers, we have the best for you.

Diverse Vase Sizes to Choose From

The quantity of flowers in a vase usually has a lot to do with their overall impression. That’s why we use different vase sizes for our white roses. The vases that we use are crafted in diverse sizes that cater for varying quantities of flowers. We offer flowers in small, medium, large and abstract sized vases that you can always choose from based on the quantity of white roses that you need.

You can also choose the sizes of the flower arrangements based on the available space at the venue where the flowers will be displayed. We have elegant vases for white roses of 40cm, 50cm and 60cm stems.

Numerous Vase Designs and Styles

Considering the integral role that flowers play in decorations, we are always very keen on providing white roses in vases in diverse styles and designs. We offer the flowers in vases that are enhanced with traditional, transitional and modern accents. This makes it easier for you to order flowers in a vase that perfectly complements the mood of your space or recipient.

Even if you don’t have a better idea on how to choose a suitable vase design and style, we have expert florists to guide you in making the best selection based on your expectations.

Highly Durable Flower Vases

Flower vases are generally made of different kinds of materials including glass, plastic, metal, and wood among others. Although a local florist will tell you that all materials are good, each has unique properties that could elevate or jeopardize the final impression. Glass vases are usually the most elegant and they usually work great with different kinds of decor.

However, we also provide white roses in vases made of other durable and safe materials like ceramics. As a result, you will always get the best money value whenever you order white roses in a vase from 416-Flowers. The vases can still form a greater part of your decor even after the flowers have withered.

Order the Best White Roses in a Vase Online

416-Flowers is the best florist in Toronto to always buy white roses in a vase online from. We have unique flowers that sell at discounted prices.  Regardless of the size, design, style or material of the vases, we always guarantee fresh flowers and cheap flower delivery. Count on us to offer you the best florist delivery service in Toronto.

Vase Arrangements


Colors of the Rainbow Flowers

Choosing the best flower vase arrangements can be quite confusing when shopping for flowers online. However, that should not be a reason to make you shy away from buying flowers online. It should also not make you fail to send flowers when you want to. At 416-Flowers, we have expert florists with experience in unique floral arrangements to ensure that you always get a perfect match for your specific needs.

Unlike what most people think, a vase arrangement is an art that requires creativity and a keen attention to details. We understand vase arrangements have a greater bearing on the overall appeal of flower. As such, we remain committed to offering artistry and spending time on floral arrangements to come up with the best arrangements for different occasions.

We always emphasize on unique flower vase arrangements to enable you to create a spectacular impression on the people that you care about. Our florists use fresh and blooming flowers to craft intricate flower vase arrangements to help you express your love in the most incredible way. Our flower vase arrangements are always a great choice for a number of occasions. So, if you are looking for birthday flowers, wedding flowers, or mother’s day flowers, count on us to have a vase arrangement that suits your occasion.

Some of the major flower vase arrangements that we offer include;

Fan Shaped Floral Arrangement

As the name suggests, this floral arrangement assumes the shape of a fan. In creating this arrangement, we use fresh flowers and leaves with fresh blossoms to bring out a unique yet intricate masterpiece. Depending on your expectations, you can choose the fan shaped flower vase arrangement with the same types of flowers or a combination.

Vertical Arrangement

This is also another intricate vase arrangement that is mainly used in bouquets and baskets. In this arrangement, we use fresh blossoms in varying shades and shapes to create a spectacular show of love and devotion.

The ‘’S’’ Shaped Vase Arrangement

This type of floral arrangement is crafted in the shape of letter S. One of the benefits of this vase arrangement is that it’s usually bigger in size and, ideal for various occasions including weddings, birthdays and funerals. Flowers are placed on exquisite stands in an upright position. This makes them stand apart in every setting.

Oval Shaped Arrangement

In oval shaped arrangement, we carefully cut and trim flowers and stems to create an oval-like feature. This vase arrangement has a bushy and dense look that gives it a distinctive, intricate appeal. In fact, it is one of the best floral arrangements and it is used in interior decor.

Crescent Floral Arrangement

This is also known as the C-vase arrangement. It entails the use of freshly cut blossoms, leaves and stems that are skillfully placed in an orientation that creates the letter C. The flowers are tied together with colorful ribbons and elegant accents for a gorgeous appeal on every space.

Apart from the above arrangements, we offer other vase arrangements like cascade, triangular, horizontal, and elliptical arrangement among others.

Order Cheap Flower Delivery Today!

416-Flowers is the local florist to order flowers online from. We offer fresh flowers online for different occasions including sympathy flowers in unique vase arrangements. Order flowers online at 416-Flowers now to get the best discount flowers.

Boxed White Roses

Do you want to send flowers to someone special? Then consider sending them boxed white roses. Boxed white roses are a unique attraction for many flower lovers. Compared to a bouquet or vases of white roses, boxed white roses are usually in very high demand. And, this is mainly due to the fact that the flowers are nicely packaged in elegant boxes that not only keep them safe but, also healthy for a relatively longer period.

At 416-Flowers, we offer fresh and beautiful boxed white roses for spectacular decor, bridal bouquets, showing appreciation among other numerous applications. To bring out a unique touch of purity and tranquillity, our boxed white roses are available in varying dimensions. And, our expert florists are always ready to help you choose the best boxed white roses.

Diverse Shapes and Styles of Flower Boxes

Boxed white roses usually come in a wide range of shapes and styles to choose from. As a leading online flower shop, we provide unique boxed white roses for different uses. We have put together an assortment of shapes and styles that stand apart in every occasion. Our boxed white roses are available in standard and abstract shapes including rectangular, square, round, and heart among others.

The boxes are also crafted in different styles that complement traditional, contemporary and transitional themes. The flowers are carefully and beautifully arranged in the boxes to always create a refreshing impression regardless of how they are used.

If you are looking for wedding flowers, sympathy flowers, mother’s day flowers, or simply the best flowers, consider our boxed white roses. Also use these flowers to decorating your home or venue for any occasion.  We provide the best flowers to match the space and themes of varying occasion. Even if you need boxed white roses to present as a gift to a loved one, we offer heart-shaped and other romantic themed pieces for the perfect impression.

Freshly Cut Roses

At 416-Flowers, we understand the health of flowers always have a strong impact on their overall appeal. Therefore, we provide the freshest flowers that last for several days. Besides, the flowers that we sell are preserved in the best conditions to keep them full of life for up to seven days.

This coupled with the floral foam at the bases of the boxes guarantees you that the flowers that you buy from us will stay healthy and firm for many days to come. Thus, you are guaranteed the best money value with our flowers. If you wish to our boxed white roses to decorate your living space, we also advise you on how to keep their blossoms.

Discount Flowers

Contrary to the myth that boxed white roses are usually expensive, we offer the best discount flowers. Thus, you can easily buy these flowers without digging deeper into your pocket. So, if you are looking for a cheap flower deliver service, 416-Flowers got you covered. We deliver the best flowers at discounted rates that will truly save you money.

Buy Boxed White Roses Online Now!

The easiest way to get the best boxed white roses is placing an order online at 416-Flowers. With us, you are always guaranteed fresh flowers at discounted rates. Check out our assortment of boxed white roses then place your flower order right away.



Boxed Red Roses


There are various forms of floral arrangements to choose from when buying flowers online. Boxed flower arrangement is one of the most preferred arrangements by many people today. Boxed red roses are a collection of flowers that are designed and displayed in a container, box, vase, ceramic or basket. If you want to buy fresh boxed red roses online, 416-Flowers is the right florist to turn to.

Our boxed red roses continue to attract many because we always guarantee fresh flower delivery and discounted prices. In fact, we are also very keen to ensure unique packaging of our boxed red roses. This enables these flowers to bring out the desired impression. Here are more reasons why boxed red roses from 416-Flowers are always the best.

Floral Foam

We offer a huge assortment of boxed red roses with floral foams at the bases. One of the benefits of the floral foam is that it helps keep the flowers healthy and fresh for a longer period of time. We use the best floral foams that will keep your flowers in perfect bloom for up to seven days.

The floral foam also keeps the flowers firm and strong. Besides, the boxed arrangement of the red roses also contributes to the immense greenery and foliage. This impacts the overall beauty of this floral design.

No Need to Rearrange the Flowers

Unlike bouquet flowers, boxed red roses usually take some time and a keen attention to details during arrangement. As a result, we always deliver boxed red roses as a complete package that will not need rearrangement after delivery. Just the way they are, our boxed red roses make great centerpieces for decorating living spaces as well as venues for events like weddings and birthday parties. So, if you are looking for wedding flowers or birthday flowers, consider our boxed red roses.

Numerous Styles, Shapes and Sizes to Choose From

Another benefit of buying boxed red roses from 416-Flowers is that you can always choose just any shape, style or size that suits your specific needs. We offer boxed red roses in 40cm, 50cm and 60cm stems. In fact, we can arrange the roses in unique styles and shapes that complement the particular impression that you intend to create.

Easy Maintenance

Whenever you order boxed flowers online from 416-Flowers, you easily avoid the stress of doing maintenance. As hinted above, our boxed red roses have floral foam at the base. This soaks up water to keep the flowers fresh for a relatively longer period. To extend their lifespan, you only need to add a little water into the box every day.

With boxed red roses, you do not have to look for a vase to hold the flowers because they are already arranged properly in a box. This will not only give you an easy time in taking care of the flowers but also ensure that your flowers remain fresh and healthy for several days.

Buy Premium Boxed Red Roses Online

At 416 Flowers, we have the best assortment of boxed red roses that you can now easily order online. We also offer the best same day flowers delivery service. So, if you want to send flowers today, order boxed red roses with 416 Flowers and we will be glad to deliver them for you.

Bouquet of White Roses


When you decide to buy a bouquet of white roses online, 416-Flowers is the most convenient florist to rely on. We are a flower delivery service that is committed to the provision of freshly-cut and beautiful flowers at the convenience of our customers. We provide a wider selection of wedding flowers, sympathy flowers, funeral flowers, birthday flowers and mothers’ day flowers.

While there are many local florists offering fresh flower delivery, quite a number of people today opt to order flowers online. Whether you want to send flowers as a gift to someone you care about, decorate your home or a venue in Toronto place your order with 416-Flowers. We offer an incredible assortment of the best and discount flowers. We are the online flower shop to place your order with regardless of the floral arrangement that you are looking for.

Same Day Flower Delivery

One of the major reasons for ordering flowers online is the fact that it is less-stressful. By ordering your flowers online, you avoid walking or driving to a local florist store. Using your internet enabled phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, you can easily browse through our bouquets of white roses, place an order, and have flowers delivered on the same day.

To give you an easier time in finding the right bouquet of white roses, we have included information about each bouquet. Regardless of the particular bouquet that you choose, we will make sure that the flowers are delivered fresh and at the specified time without any compromise. Thus, you are guaranteed greater convenience because you save a lot of time and effort.

Discount Flowers

While buying a bouquet of white roses from a local florist along the streets might seem like a more cost-effective option, it could cost you more than anticipated. At 416-Flowers, we offer the best assortment of fresh and discount flowers. Based on your budget and needs, we can provide the best bouquet of white roses. Coupled with our cheap flower delivery policy, you are always guaranteed greater money savings every time you order flowers online from us. So, instead of asking, “where do I get a flower shop near me”, turn to 416-Flowers.

Whether you want your flowers to be delivered to your home or sent to a special person in Toronto, we will do so at discounted rates. Even if you need same day flower delivery, we always have the best rates that will never put you through a financial strain. By relying on us for flower delivery, you are guaranteed fresh bouquets of white roses for less.

Order a Bouquet of White Roses Online Now!

At 416-Flowers, we focus on providing a beautiful assortment of fresh flowers for every occasion. Whether you need fresh flower delivery for birthday, wedding, funeral, or mother’s day, we have the best flowers for you to choose from. We also have devotion, appreciation, and sympathy flowers. Our assortments of flower bouquets come with unique floral arrangements that you can also choose from.

Order white roses online now to send flowers to loved ones with ease and at an affordable price!   

Bouquet of Red Roses


Although most people consider buying bouquets of red roses only on Valentine’s Day, these flowers have a timeless appeal that can effortlessly ignite charm in quite a number of occasions. 416-Flowers is a flower shop that offers a beautiful selection of freshly cut bouquets of red roses. Our red roses can easily be bought on-the-go for delivery or send to your loved ones in Toronto.

Whether you want to order flowers to infuse a romantic sensation into your living space or express your devotion to that special person in your life, we have the best flowers to choose from. Instead of making stressful trips and calls to a flower shop for flower delivery, we have made it much easier for you. Simply order flowers online and we will deliver them for you.

Fresh Bouquets for Every Occasion

At 416-Flowers, we clearly understand the significant impacts of flowers on people and the environment. As such, we have put together an assortment of gorgeous bouquets of fresh red roses to enable you to create the desired impression on every occasion. We provide fresh bouquets of wedding flowers, birthday flowers, sympathy flowers, mother’s day flowers and funeral flowers.

Long-Stem Red Roses with Unique Styling

The bouquets of the red roses that we offer at 416-Flowers are available in numerous dimensions including 40cm, 50cm, and 60cm stems. We emphasize on healthy and long stem red roses that look stunning in every way. Depending on how and where you intend to use the bouquet, we will help you choose and deliver the best flowers.

Although bouquets of red roses are usually wrapped in papers, we can also do additional styling on the flowers that you need to create a unique impression. Our florists can add specific accents onto the bouquet like tags with names, quotes, or messages that you may want to pass to the recipient.

Based on the occasion and your specific needs, you can also choose the quantity of red roses to be placed in every bouquet.

Same Day Flower Delivery

With the busy lifestyles that most people have today, finding even the time to visit a local florist to request for flower delivery or send flowers can be very hectic. To spare you all the stress, we provide a same day flower delivery service. This ensures that your bouquet of red roses gets to the specified location or recipient at your preferred time.

So, instead of struggling to find the nearest flower shop, order your flowers with us. We have a well-established network to ensure that your bouquet is delivered to the specified venue or recipient in just a few hours. Since the flowers are fresh and kept in the best conditions, you or your recipient will enjoy their charm several days after delivery. In fact, the blooms can stay bright and plush for up to seven days.

Buy a Fresh Bouquet of Red Roses Online

Getting the right bouquet of red roses for your occasion and budget can be challenging. However, such issues should never bother you whenever you order flowers online at 416-Flowers. Buy a bouquet of red roses online to enjoy a seamless and cheap flower delivery experience.