Passover Flowers, Arrangements, and Gifts to Celebrate the Spring Season

Passover Gifts

While the Passover holiday is full of both religious and historical traditions, it’s also a time for families and friends to gather together and celebrate. This makes a seder dinner a great opportunity to give something to the host or hostesses that will show your appreciation for their hard work in planning and preparing.

There are many traditional gifts that could honour those celebrating Passover. has some excellent gift ideas that would be perfect as a token of your gratitude. Whether distance or other circumstances dictate, it is also appropriate to send flowers to friends and family members who will not be attending your seder.

The History of Passover

Passover is an eight-day holiday which begins on the 15th day of Nisan, a Jewish lunar month. This year, in Canada, the dates are in the range of April 5 to April 13. It celebrates the liberation of Israelites from slavery in Egypt, as detailed in the Book Of Exodus, and commemorates God’s promise to Abraham that he would bequeath his progeny the land of Canaan or modern-day Israel.

During a traditional Seder meal—which is usually held around sunset on either the first or second night after Passover begins—the Haggadah is recited both in Hebrew and English to remind Jews of their historic freedom from bondage.

Traditionally, partaking in foods such as Matzoh—an unleavened bread—and bitter herbs recall how quickly Jews had to prepare when Pharaoh decreed they leave Egypt without waiting for bread (or anything else) to rise. At certain points during the Preliminary Prayers (Kaddish), The Five Questions (Mah Nishtanah) and Final Prayers sections of the Seder everyone at table rises out of respect for God’s Divine intervention.

As friends are sometimes invited to celebrate with family, practising Christians may also participate: They might opt not to eat Matzoh or gefilte fish over horseradish but almost all other dietary restrictions can often be set aside at interfaith seders when given plenty of advance notice.

A Gift to Treasure

Consider giving plants or flowers —either arranged as centrepieces or sent solo via courier from—either before or immediately after Passover starts as an elegant “Thank You” gesture for anyone who worked hard organising the festive affair, whether it’s at home or even if you’re attending somebody else’s seder away from your homebase.

Daffodils, lilies, tulips, and other spring flowers blooming in containers make popular (symbolic) presents since they appear during this season; however, potted plants are often long lasting yet still festive. Fruit baskets containing fruits like oranges native to Israel plus chocolate coins are another classic way to pay homage while saying “Thank You,” since these same treats were once ritualized by early generations in much earlier times. Presentations that combine fruit with flowers make particularly special gifts.

Additionally, vases paired with floral bouquets could prove both practical and decorative additions ideal for seders. Elaborate table settings frame the designated members who should read “The Four Questions” aloud. Likewise, flower centrepieces serve as fair reminders, signifying renewedness amongst faith communities represented at multiple family tables annually around this same time every year.

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Your representative would be happy to suggest gifts that would be welcomed by any host or hostess. Call 1-888-633-9049, order on the website, or chat online. Happy Passover to one and all—“Chag sameach!”

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