Last Minute Gifting? Explore Our Top 16 Best Gift Ideas

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Holiday Gifting Done Right

With the holiday season approaching, it’s common to find yourself scrambling for last-minute gifts. Whether it’s due to a busy schedule or simply forgetting to pick something up, last-minute holiday gifting can be stressful. However, there’s no need to worry – there are plenty of great gift ideas that you can pick up quickly and still give the perfect present to your loved ones.

Discover our top 16 best gift ideas for the holiday season to help you find the right gift for everyone on your list. From festive flowers, traditional Christmas plants items to tasty treats, there’s something for everyone. With our carefully curated list, you can find the perfect present for your family, friends, and colleagues – even if you’re short on time. So, take a deep breath and relax, because we’ve got you covered with our top holiday gift ideas. Shopping for last-minute gifts doesn’t have to be stressful, and we’re here to make it as easy as possible for you.

poinsettia traditional Christmas flower

Best Flower Gift Ideas

Gifting fresh flowers this holiday season is a timeless and thoughtful way to leave a lasting impression on your recipient. Flowers are a universal symbol of love, admiration, and affection which makes them the perfect gift for anyone on your holiday list. These adorable flower arrangements will surely brighten up their day and spread joy and happiness during the festive season. No matter which flower arrangement you choose, it’s sure to make a heartwarming and memorable gift for your loved ones this holiday season.

1. Santa Joy Flower Sleigh

2. Birdhouse Centerpiece

3. Teleflora’s Festive Pines Bouquet

4. Teleflora’s Victorian Flowers in Teacup

5. Stunning Style Bouquet

6. Holiday Lovely Orchids Centerpiece

Best Plant Gift Ideas

Gifting plants is a special gesture because it shows that you care about the recipient’s well-being and want to bring life and beauty into their space. Plants also have the ability to purify the air and create a calming atmosphere, making them the perfect gift for anyone looking to enhance their home or office environment. Additionally, plants can symbolize growth and new beginnings, making them a meaningful present for special occasions and holidays.

7. Merry Christmas Dish Garden

8. Large Christmas Cactus Plant

9. Amaryllis Plant

10. Festive Norfolk Pine Plant

Best Gift Basket Ideas

Looking to surprise your recipient with delicious treats? Check out our festive mouthwatering gift baskets that are sure to delight any palate. No matter the preference of your recipient, our holiday gift baskets are an excellent choice for spreading holiday cheer and making their day extra special.

11. Fruit and Poinsettia Basket

12. Santa Sleigh Gourmet Gift

13. Merry Christmas Basket

Best Gifts Under $50

Looking for the best gifts under $50? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with affordable and impressive gift options that won’t break the bank. From flowers to plants, there’s something for everyone at a price point that works for you.

14. Simply Enchanting Red and White Roses

15. Lovely Lady Poinsettia

16. Lucky Bamboo Braided Plant

Same Day Flower Delivery

We understand that sometimes you need your gift delivered in a hurry. That’s why we offer same day flower delivery for select orders placed by 2:00 PM. Whether you forgot a special occasion or just want to surprise someone with a beautiful bouquet, we’ve got you covered with our quick and reliable delivery service.

So, next time you need a last-minute gift, don’t stress. Just place your order with us before 2:00 PM and let us take care of the rest. With our same day flower delivery service, you can make someone’s day with a beautiful gift, even if you’re short on time. Visit us online today to see all of our options for same day delivery!

If you’re looking for more gift ideas, you can head to to explore our best selling gifts that are perfect for this holiday season. From stunning floral arrangements to gourmet gift baskets, we have a wide variety of options to choose from. You’re sure to find the perfect gift for any occasion on our website.

Newly Added Christmas Flower Arrangements & Gift Baskets

poinsettia christmas flowes holiday flowers, gift baskets and plants

Fresh New Items to Make the Festive Season Even Brighter

New month, new products! This December, 416-Flowers unveils a delightful array of freshly added items tailor-made for the holiday season. We listed our freshest Christmas flower arrangements and gift baskets to help you out with the holiday shopping. Whether you’re looking to adorn your home with festive decorations or seeking the perfect Christmas gift, our newly added products are designed to bring smiles and warmth to everyone on your list. This holiday season, we are excited to introduce a variety of new Christmas flower arrangements and gift ideas, perfect for spreading festive cheer.

Newly Added Christmas Flower Arrangements

1. Teleflora’s Send A Hug North Pole Penguin

Embrace the yuletide spirit with this adorable arrangement featuring a lovable penguin surrounded by holiday-themed flowers. Spread joy and warmth with this cheerful gift.


2. FTD Sleigh Ride Bouquet

Capturing the essence of a winter wonderland, this bouquet boasts a stunning blend of red roses, carnations, and white chrysanthemums. It’s artfully arranged in a sleigh-shaped keepsake, making it an enchanting addition to any festive setting.


3. Thomas Kinkade’s Singalong Bouquet

Inspired by the renowned artist’s work, this bouquet harmonizes radiant colors with holiday cheer. With roses, carnations, and winter greens in a collectible hand-painted sleigh, it’s a truly special gift.


4. Teleflora’s Bright Christmas Bouquet

Radiate joy and festivity with this vibrant arrangement of red and white blooms accented with lush greens. It’s the perfect centerpiece to elevate the Christmas spirit.


5. Teleflora’s Twinkling Stars Bouquet

Glisten like stars in the night sky with this elegant bouquet. Featuring white lilies, red roses, and festive accents, it’s a heartfelt expression of love and celebration.


6. FTD Trimming the Tree Bouquet

Celebrate the warmth of Christmas traditions with this arrangement. Red roses, white cushion pompons, and fragrant greens evoke the cozy feelings of the holiday season.


7. Festive Birthday Wishes Flower Arrangement

Ideal for December birthdays or as a joyful addition to holiday décor, this arrangement blends colorful blooms and seasonal greens to spread birthday cheer.


Newly Added Christmas Gift Baskets


8. Plenty to Share Gourmet Gift Basket

Overflowing with delectable treats, this generous basket includes an assortment of gourmet snacks, chocolates, and savory delights—a perfect gift for sharing during the holiday festivities.


9. Golden Sweet Gourmet Gift

Discover a golden treasure trove of sweets in this gift basket, featuring a variety of premium chocolates, cookies, and candies sure to delight any sweet tooth.


10. Gourmet Indulgence Gift Basket

Indulge in luxury with this basket packed full of gourmet delights such as cheeses, crackers, nuts, and artisanal treats. It’s the ideal way to elevate your holiday celebrations.

Adorable Poinsettias

In addition to our new flower arrangements and gift baskets, we also included to our catalogue beautiful poinsettias in four adorable vases – each with it’s own uniqueness that is sure to bring joy to any space. These are a super fun gift idea that you can incorporate this holiday season.

11. Reindeer Bright Poinsettia

12. Penguin Poinsettia

13. Lovely Lady Poinsettia

14. Red Lips Lady Poinsettia

Want to explore more beautiful gift ideas for the holiday season? Head to 416-Flowers Christmas  to discover our stunning festive flower arrangements, centerpieces, Holiday plants, and more. Brighten your home for Christmas celebrations or make someone’s day special with the perfect Christmas gift from

Show Appreciation This Holiday with Corporate Gift Baskets

Searching for Holiday Corporate Gift Ideas?

When it comes to expressing appreciation and maintaining strong relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, and business partners, corporate gift baskets are an excellent choice. These carefully curated baskets offer a wide range of options that cater to various tastes and preferences, making them the perfect gift for any occasion.

Corporate gift baskets not only show your employees and partners that you value their contributions, but they also help foster stronger business partnerships and maintain a positive company image. Whether you are looking to celebrate a successful year, show gratitude during the holiday season, or simply want to strengthen your business relationships, gift baskets offer a thoughtful and versatile option.

With the holiday season fast approaching, now is the perfect time to start searching for the ideal corporate gift basket. There are numerous options available that can be customized to suit the preferences of your employees, suppliers, customers, and business partners. From gourmet food collections to spa and wellness sets, these baskets are sure to leave a lasting impression and show your appreciation for their continued support.

Why is Corporate Gifting Important?

Corporate gifting is important for building and maintaining strong relationships. It is a practice that not only shows appreciation but also helps to humanize a business and foster a positive company image.

When businesses engage in corporate gifting, they demonstrate that they value the contributions and efforts of their employees. This helps to boost morale and create a sense of loyalty among the workforce. Employees who feel appreciated are more likely to be motivated and committed to their work, resulting in increased productivity and overall business success.

Similarly, sending client gifts to suppliers, customers, and business partners can have significant benefits. It shows that a business values these relationships and wants to maintain them over the long term. By providing thoughtful gifts, businesses can strengthen these relationships and pave the way for potential future collaborations. It can also lead to increased business and referrals, as satisfied partners are more likely to recommend a business to others.

Corporate holiday gifts hold even more significance. They are an opportunity to show gratitude and appreciation during a festive time of the year. This can have a positive impact on the perception of a business partner, reinforcing the idea that the relationship is valued and nurtured. It helps to create a warm and positive association with the business, which can be crucial in maintaining long-term partnerships.

10 Corporate Gift Baskets to Send on the Holidays

Looking to send corporate gift baskets for the holidays? Look no further! We have a wide range of exciting gift options that are perfect for your clients and colleagues that are sure to impress and show your appreciation. From gourmet treats to relaxation essentials, there’s something for everyone on your list.

1. Gourmet Indulgence Gift Basket

Treat your recipients to a feast for the senses with this luxurious gift basket. Filled with an assortment of gourmet snacks, cheeses, and decadent chocolates, it’s the ultimate indulgence.

2. Neat Treat Gift

For those with a sweet tooth, the Neat Treat Gift basket is an excellent choice. It features an array of delicious chocolates, candies, and other indulgent treats that are sure to bring joy during the holiday season.

3. Merry Christmas Basket

Spread holiday cheer with the Merry Christmas Basket. Filled with delicious goodies, this basket is a beautiful and festive gift that is perfect for business partners and loyal customers.

4. Bon Vivant Gourmet Basket

The Bon Vivant Gourmet Basket is a perfect blend of savory and sweet delights. This gift basket includes gourmet cheeses, crackers, chocolates, and other gourmet goodies, making it an ideal choice for any corporate gifting occasion.

5. Organic Food Baskets

For health-conscious recipients, consider the Organic Food Baskets Idea. This basket is filled with organic snacks, teas, and other delicious goodies that are perfect for employees and customers who appreciate sustainable and healthy options.

6. The Sweetest Gift

Send warm wishes with The Sweetest Gift basket, filled with a variety of delectable chocolates, cookies, and candies. It’s a delightful choice to thank employees and loyal customers for their ongoing support.

7. Golden Gift Basket

Make a lasting impression with the opulent Golden Gift Basket. This lavish basket features an assortment of gourmet treats, including chocolates, nuts, and cookies, elegantly presented in a gold-themed package.

8. Fruits and Sweets Christmas Basket

This basket brings together the freshness of seasonal fruits with the sweetness of gourmet chocolates, offering a balanced mix of healthy and indulgent treats.

9. Chocolate Snack and Relaxing Spa Gift

Indulge recipients in a little self-care with the Chocolate Snack and Relaxing Spa Gift basket. This thoughtful gift includes a selection of chocolates, snacks, and soothing spa items, making it the perfect choice for hardworking employees and business partners.

10. Corporate Christmas Gift

The Corporate Christmas Gift basket is filled with an assortment of holiday-themed treats, including chocolates, cookies, and other festive delights. This gift is the perfect way to spread holiday cheer to all stakeholders involved in your business operations.

These gift baskets offer a wide range of options to suit varying tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking to impress with gourmet treats or promote relaxation and well-being, these gift baskets are the perfect way to show your appreciation during the holiday season. Order today and make a lasting impression on your valued employees, suppliers, customers, and business partners.

Best Holiday Gift Baskets


Finding the perfect, yet heart-warming, gift can be tough. People spend days thinking about adding the “just perfect” touches to their gifts for their loved ones. Why not leave the decision of choosing the best gift baskets to us? For this special season, we can create an exclusive holiday gift basket for you so that you can keep giving the best presents to your friends and family.

We also make exceptional gift baskets for everyone, as well as the best flower arrangements.

Visit to get exclusive discounts and a whole host of top-notch options to choose the best gift baskets.

We can even customize these baskets as per any of your special requirements. Stay tuned for even more exciting information about our deals.


It doesn’t matter if you want to surprise your mother or motivate your sales team, our perfect baskets offer the finest quality gifts for any occasion.

We will be sure to find you something that will perfectly fit your needs.

Unique Birthday Baskets

Get a customized birthday basket from us if it’s your friend’s or a loved one’s birthday. This will include all birthday-related accessories, and you can make suggestions to us on the phone about the preferred items.

  • Anniversary Gift Baskets

Surprise your spouse with the best anniversary gift basket, specially made by us! We can assure you that we add lovely, special touches to make their day. We fill the whole basket with special flowers like you have never seen before.

  • Corporate Gift Baskets

Caring for clients is already a critical task for running a successful business. We can help you send your clients and customers specific gift baskets. In addition, we can make corporate gift baskets in bulk to meet your requirements.


If you are looking to order the best holiday gift baskets from us, shop early for the best selection.

Our gift baskets are special symbols of love. We can bring a smile to the receiver’s face. With a wide range of categories for gift baskets, there is room for every need you have. We make sure that our ideas for holiday gift baskets are unique compared with those of our competitors. You can be assured that your recipient will be excited to open the gift basket sent by you and designed by us.

We have more exclusive baskets, which you can select from our collection. Get gift baskets suitable for special occasions like:

  • Birthday Baskets
  • Anniversary Baskets
  • Corporate Baskets
  • Baby Baskets
  • Spa Gifts
  • Get Well Baskets
  • Chocolate Baskets
  • Sympathy Gifts
  • Wedding Baskets
  • Goodies Baskets


With a vast array of gift baskets, you can pick from the vast collection on our website.

Hurry and visit our website to have the best gift baskets delivered right when you need them.

Here’s Why Flowers Are the Perfect Holiday Gift in 2022


Are you searching for the perfect holiday flowers and gift for your family and friends? Your search ends here. You’re in the right place, as team is here to deliver fresh flowers and gifts to your family and friends this holiday season! You can never go wrong with a fresh bouquet of their favourite flowers. These flowers are beautiful and sentimental, and they fit every special occasion. Bring light into the lives of your loved ones with our specially curated flowers.

Visit to check out our special collection of the most popular flowers in Toronto that you can order online for all your loved ones. 


Each of the types of flower in our specially crafted bouquets holds a special significance. For example, roses may be defined as a symbol of love between couples, but there is a vast collection of other flowers you can send to your family and friends. For instance, carnations are the official flowers of Mother’s Day celebrations, geraniums symbolize friendship, and lilies symbolize purity. So, make your pick for this holiday season and order yours right now!


Flowers are undoubtedly the best addition to any space. Be it your home or office, adding a touch of bright colour with a sunflower bouquet or a few stems of purple chrysanthemums is only going to enhance the aesthetics of any room. Adding your flowers to the recipients’ homes or offices will only make their days brighter.


Given the increasing prices of simple gifts in recent years, flowers are still one of the most budget-friendly options. They can be customized to your preference and are well-suited to any price point. Furthermore, they come in all sizes, from significant to small, making them a cost-effective choice at all times.


It’s true – flowers are everyone’s best friends. And what better time to surprise your loved ones with fresh flowers if not during the holiday season? First, make sure you’re making the right choice by choosing a fresh, beautiful, and colourful blend of all the best flowers from’s wide range. Then, surprise your loved ones the right way by trusting us with the perfect gift. It’s time to take advantage of our superior flower delivery services.


Ordering flowers has never been more accessible. With, you can order a selection of gorgeous flowers from the comfort of your office or home as you browse through all the options. So, pick your favourites from our range of bouquets and gift baskets, and surprise your loved ones this holiday season. It’s time to bring a ray of sunshine into their lives with’s timely flower delivery in Toronto.

Do you want to know the best part? We offer same-day delivery, so there is no need to look for confirmation emails to check up on your order. Trust us with your gifts, and we’ll deliver nothing but perfection.

Head to our website to place your order for the perfect holiday flower delivery.

Christmas & Teacher Appreciation

Parents always love to give gifts at Christmas to the ones who make a difference in their children’s lives. Whether it’s a school teacher, an educational assistant, a school secretary or a daycare teacher it is nice to let them know how appreciated they are and that their constant help and support is making a difference in your child’s life. Parents often struggle with what the perfect gift is and have a hard time deciding on what the gift will be. 416-Flowers has a great selection of gifts appropriate for Christmas and will for sure be remembered for years to come.

Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets are a great way to show your thanks and appreciation to a special teacher in your child’s life. They will surely appreciate a Christmas basket with luxurious chocolates, snacks, tea, coffee and other sweet items. They may also enjoy a more savory Christmas basket with crackers, cheese, jam and nuts. You may also prefer to send a beautiful fresh fruit Christmas basket. The choice is yours but one thing is for sure any Christmas gift basket prepared and delivered by 416-Flowers will be dressed to impress and enjoyed by whomever receives it.


Plants are another great way to send your warmest Happy Holiday wishes to your child’s favorite educational assistant. What’s nice about a plant is that it can last for a long time and be brought home to be enjoyed for many months to come. 416-Flowers has a great selection of Poinsettia’s,  beautiful orchids , potted plants and dish gardens.

Christmas Flowers

Christmas vase arrangements, bouquets, centerpieces and wreaths are great gifts to give and to keep with the festive theme and decor. We have a beautiful selection of Christmas vases and Christmas fillers guaranteed to convey your most sincere Merry Christmas message! Your favorite teachers, daycare teachers and school staff will be thrilled you remembered them and will get to enjoy our beautiful and fresh Christmas flowers.

416-Flowers wishes you, your family and your friends a truly wonderful Holiday season!

Sending Flowers at Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It is the season for gift giving and flowers make great gifts for family, friends and coworkers.  Ordering flowers for Christmas delivery is a very nice and thoughtful way to wish someone a wonderful holiday season. Place your orders in a timely manner to ensure what you want is in stock and available for delivery on your selected date. Here are a few tips for ordering and delivering Christmas flowers.

What Flowers are most associated with Christmas?

There are many popular flowers and plants associated with Christmas. Red poinsettia plants, white Casa Blanca lillies and fresh evergreen are probably the most common Christmas plants and flowers. However, roses, mum’s and tulips are always popular too. When creatively designed in a Christmas theme with pine-cones, candy-canes or festive decorations, your Merry Christmas message is strongly portrayed.

Who Can I send flowers to at Christmas?

You can send flowers to your children’s teachers, your accountant, your grandma and to anyone who has made a significant impact on your life.  Sending someone a beautiful and fresh flower arrangement is a great way to convey your warmest Happy Holiday wishes and a great way to spruce up the Christmas cheer for your recipient. Sure, you could simply exchange cards, but why not add a bit of Christmas joy with some flowers? Do you have trouble finding an appropriate gift for your boss? Do you ponder with each item you look at “Is it appropriate?” Flowers are the perfect solution, not too fancy, not too expensive, yet very thoughtful. Flowers eliminate all gift choice second guessing. The number one person to send flowers to at Christmas is the person on your list for whom you just can’t figure out what to buy.

 Combine Your Christmas Flowers with Gift Baskets

Apart from flowers, there is a wide variety of Christmas gift baskets, fruit baskets and gourmet treat baskets that you can add on. There is no limit, and you can be as generous as you like with these gift items! Our website has a huge ready made selection of amazing baskets, which are perfect for the holiday season!

Order Christmas flowers online

Ordering flowers and gifts is a very easy process. Instead of searching the mall with large crowds of people you can place your order online from the comfort of your own home. This makes for a stress free shopping experience and can be done fairly quickly. You can choose your item and select your delivery option and you are good to go. Many florists offer reliable delivery services that take into account of your own personal schedule. You can request for a same day delivery, or select a specific date and time. You can even work with the florist to make your gift a surprise for the recipient, by creating a twist to the delivery!

Please stay tuned for next week’s blog on perfect gift baskets for Christmas. 416-Flowers is open everyday and we hope to prepare a beautiful Christmas arrangement for you this year!


The Best Flowers for Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful and magical time of the year. It lands annually on December 25th. Christmas is eagerly awaited and anticipated by a wide variety of people. It’s a great holiday for enjoying quality time with family and friends. Rocking around the Christmas tree, kissing under the mistletoe, sipping Egg Nog and singing Christmas carols. It’s a time to decorate your homes in bright lights, filling the interior with red, green and white for a most welcoming Christmas cheer.

Some great blooms for sprucing up your holiday cheer:

  1. Poinsettias
    These cherry red and deep green beauties are the most recognizable Christmas flower, even though poinsettias are actually plants. While their bright leaves look like flower petals, poinsettias are the most popular potted plant of the season. Stick with red or put a twist on tradition with a white poinsettia. Even better, display both red and white together for layers of festive florals.
  2. Red and White Roses
    You may not immediately think red roses for Christmas but they are actually a festive flower that brightens the holiday season. The red rose traditionally means love, but some believe it represents the blood of Christ during the Christmas season. Red roses paired with pine-cones and ribbons give off a chic and rustic vibe. White roses symbolize purity and peace, adding a gentle touch of winter elegance to your holiday decor.  Florists use white roses to create winter wonderland inspired arrangements.
  3. Christmas Wreaths
    The art of hanging Christmas wreaths originated from the Romans who hung wreaths on their doors as a sign of their status in society. It’s circular shape represents eternity, for it has no beginning and no end. Christmas Wreaths are great to have on your door for all your guests to see and an even better way to help spread your Holiday cheer.
  4. Christmas Trees
    Legend says the traditional evergreen Christmas trees have magical healing powers, and the circular shape of wreaths further symbolizes everlasting life. We also encourage getting creative with your magical evergreens, decorating them to fit your family’s style and endearing quirks. For smaller spaces like dorms, apartments and offices, choose a festive mini tree!
  5. Christmas Centerpieces
    The centerpiece for your holiday table can be used throughout the holiday season and inspire a festive season for you and your family. A centerpiece can give your dining table a flare of the Christmas spirit. It’s a great addition to your Christmas table to show your love for the festive season.
  6. White Lillies
    These enchanted blooms are a brilliant white, embodying a peaceful, hopeful and spirited holiday season. Traditionally, lilies are symbolic of the Virgin Mary. Aesthetically, they add a timeless look to any winter bouquet. Plus, their fresh scent complements the traditional evergreen and earthy pine fragrances of Christmas.

We hope we’ve given you enough information on choosing great Christmas flowers! Don’t forget 416-Flowers is here for all your Christmas floral needs and stay tuned for next week’s post about great Christmas flowers and gifts to send to your family, friends and coworkers.