Boxed Red Roses


There are various forms of floral arrangements to choose from when buying flowers online. Boxed flower arrangement is one of the most preferred arrangements by many people today. Boxed red roses are a collection of flowers that are designed and displayed in a container, box, vase, ceramic or basket. If you want to buy fresh boxed red roses online, 416-Flowers is the right florist to turn to.

Our boxed red roses continue to attract many because we always guarantee fresh flower delivery and discounted prices. In fact, we are also very keen to ensure unique packaging of our boxed red roses. This enables these flowers to bring out the desired impression. Here are more reasons why boxed red roses from 416-Flowers are always the best.

Floral Foam

We offer a huge assortment of boxed red roses with floral foams at the bases. One of the benefits of the floral foam is that it helps keep the flowers healthy and fresh for a longer period of time. We use the best floral foams that will keep your flowers in perfect bloom for up to seven days.

The floral foam also keeps the flowers firm and strong. Besides, the boxed arrangement of the red roses also contributes to the immense greenery and foliage. This impacts the overall beauty of this floral design.

No Need to Rearrange the Flowers

Unlike bouquet flowers, boxed red roses usually take some time and a keen attention to details during arrangement. As a result, we always deliver boxed red roses as a complete package that will not need rearrangement after delivery. Just the way they are, our boxed red roses make great centerpieces for decorating living spaces as well as venues for events like weddings and birthday parties. So, if you are looking for wedding flowers or birthday flowers, consider our boxed red roses.

Numerous Styles, Shapes and Sizes to Choose From

Another benefit of buying boxed red roses from 416-Flowers is that you can always choose just any shape, style or size that suits your specific needs. We offer boxed red roses in 40cm, 50cm and 60cm stems. In fact, we can arrange the roses in unique styles and shapes that complement the particular impression that you intend to create.

Easy Maintenance

Whenever you order boxed flowers online from 416-Flowers, you easily avoid the stress of doing maintenance. As hinted above, our boxed red roses have floral foam at the base. This soaks up water to keep the flowers fresh for a relatively longer period. To extend their lifespan, you only need to add a little water into the box every day.

With boxed red roses, you do not have to look for a vase to hold the flowers because they are already arranged properly in a box. This will not only give you an easy time in taking care of the flowers but also ensure that your flowers remain fresh and healthy for several days.

Buy Premium Boxed Red Roses Online

At 416 Flowers, we have the best assortment of boxed red roses that you can now easily order online. We also offer the best same day flowers delivery service. So, if you want to send flowers today, order boxed red roses with 416 Flowers and we will be glad to deliver them for you.

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