Boxed White Roses

Do you want to send flowers to someone special? Then consider sending them boxed white roses. Boxed white roses are a unique attraction for many flower lovers. Compared to a bouquet or vases of white roses, boxed white roses are usually in very high demand. And, this is mainly due to the fact that the flowers are nicely packaged in elegant boxes that not only keep them safe but, also healthy for a relatively longer period.

At 416-Flowers, we offer fresh and beautiful boxed white roses for spectacular decor, bridal bouquets, showing appreciation among other numerous applications. To bring out a unique touch of purity and tranquillity, our boxed white roses are available in varying dimensions. And, our expert florists are always ready to help you choose the best boxed white roses.

Diverse Shapes and Styles of Flower Boxes

Boxed white roses usually come in a wide range of shapes and styles to choose from. As a leading online flower shop, we provide unique boxed white roses for different uses. We have put together an assortment of shapes and styles that stand apart in every occasion. Our boxed white roses are available in standard and abstract shapes including rectangular, square, round, and heart among others.

The boxes are also crafted in different styles that complement traditional, contemporary and transitional themes. The flowers are carefully and beautifully arranged in the boxes to always create a refreshing impression regardless of how they are used.

If you are looking for wedding flowers, sympathy flowers, mother’s day flowers, or simply the best flowers, consider our boxed white roses. Also use these flowers to decorating your home or venue for any occasion.  We provide the best flowers to match the space and themes of varying occasion. Even if you need boxed white roses to present as a gift to a loved one, we offer heart-shaped and other romantic themed pieces for the perfect impression.

Freshly Cut Roses

At 416-Flowers, we understand the health of flowers always have a strong impact on their overall appeal. Therefore, we provide the freshest flowers that last for several days. Besides, the flowers that we sell are preserved in the best conditions to keep them full of life for up to seven days.

This coupled with the floral foam at the bases of the boxes guarantees you that the flowers that you buy from us will stay healthy and firm for many days to come. Thus, you are guaranteed the best money value with our flowers. If you wish to our boxed white roses to decorate your living space, we also advise you on how to keep their blossoms.

Discount Flowers

Contrary to the myth that boxed white roses are usually expensive, we offer the best discount flowers. Thus, you can easily buy these flowers without digging deeper into your pocket. So, if you are looking for a cheap flower deliver service, 416-Flowers got you covered. We deliver the best flowers at discounted rates that will truly save you money.

Buy Boxed White Roses Online Now!

The easiest way to get the best boxed white roses is placing an order online at 416-Flowers. With us, you are always guaranteed fresh flowers at discounted rates. Check out our assortment of boxed white roses then place your flower order right away.



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