Planning your Perfect Wedding Flowers

Choosing your flowers is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. But before you make any decisions, there are a few points you’ll want to consider. Use this step-by-step wedding flower guide to help get you on the right path for perfect flowers.

  1. Find the right Wedding Florist
    Before you venture out and start the meet-and-greets with selected florists, think about the type of person you work well with. Do you want someone who’s going to grab the buds by the stems and take control? Or are you looking for someone who wants you to guide them every step of the way? A combination of both? You’ll also need to get a good idea about design tendencies (and if they match yours).  Insist on seeing a portfolio before you commit. Talk to friends and relatives who recently got married and find out who they used.
  2. Consider your Budget
    Figure out exactly how much you want to spend on flowers before you meet with any florists. A lot of people estimate that eight percent of the total wedding cost will go to flowers – from the bouquets and boutonnieres to the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception decor. There’s a lot of stuff to consider, so don’t be surprised if you end up spending more. So we suggest you pad in an extra 10% to your budget for flowers to stay on the safe side.
  3. Determine your Wedding Flower Vision
    Have a general idea about your taste. Are you a true minimalist? Or are you looking to do a romantic Gatsby-style wedding? Create a file of magazine tear-outs  and not just bridal pics. Lifestyle shots, colors, and fashion photos will all help give your florist a clear idea of your loves and love-nots. And don’t forget shots from friends’ weddings. Maybe you flipped over the centerpieces, but hated the bouquets. Make sure to tell your florist what flowers you like and what flowers you don’t like to make sure your flowers will be everything you ever dreamed of on your big day.
  4. Create your Wedding Color Concept
    Please figure out exactly what your maid of honor, bridesmaids, flower girls, groomsmen and ring bearer will be wearing before picking out your wedding flowers. It will be very hard to pick flowers if you don’t know what color your wedding party will be wearing on your special day.
  5. Pick your Wedding Dress before Flowers
    At this point, you should have already picked out your gown, seeing as that will dictate what kind of bouquet you should carry. While you might not think so, florists base many decisions on the bride’s gown, how ornate it is, whether it’s white or cream, if it’s classic or contemporary, and so on. Most florists think of the wedding dress as the centerpiece of the day, so this will give your florist a good idea of where you’re going with the wedding style.

Now that we’ve gone through a few steps to help guide you along in the process of choosing your perfect wedding flowers we would like to give you some information on what flowers you need and choosing your perfect wedding style. 

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to pick out your wedding flowers, think about what style best suits your wedding vision. Some common styles are Traditional, Rustic, Soft, Romantic, Bohemian, Simple, Elegant & Bold. 

Once you’ve decided on the style for your big day, you have to start thinking about all the types of flowers you will need for your wedding party and what purpose they will serve. Some common wedding party flowers you may need will be Bride Bouquet, Bridesmaid Bouquets, Corsages, Boutonnieres, Flower Girl Bouquet, Ring Bearer Boutonniere, Bouquet Toss & Flower Crowns

After you have a general idea about flowers required for your wedding party, you can start planning flowers for your big day. You will most likely need Entrance Flowers, Alter/Chuppah Flowers, Aisle/Pew/Chair Flowers, Flower girl Rose Petals, Table Centerpieces, Head Table Centerpieces, Cake Decor, Guestbook Table Decor, Bar Decor & Buffet Decor

Once you have picked your wedding style, determined who in your wedding party requires what flowers and last but not least decided on what flowers you need for the actual wedding itself you are now ready to meet with your florist. Make sure to pick the florist you feel most comfortable with and don’t necessarily pick the one who promises the cheaper price. You want to make sure your flowers will be breathtakingly beautiful and admired by all for years to come! Getting married is a very special and important time in your life so make sure everything is exactly how you dream it to be.


Benefits of Office Plants

Plants can bring a lot of character to neutral office interior’s. Having small plants will also improve the air quality, remove impurities and add focal point’s to your work environment. Plants have been proven to lower workplace stress and improve productivity. Doctor recorded research from several universities in the world have proven that the stress levels tend to be around 12% less in offices with plants then in those with no plants.

Small Indoor Plants

One of the benefits of small indoor plants is they are easy to take care of, and they are resilient. With minimal care, you can keep the plant around your desk or in other parts of the office for a very long time.  The key to making this happen is choosing the right plant.  Office’s tend to be very busy environments and once 5:00 hits Friday afternoon no one usually returns until Monday morning. Some good low maintenance plants for your office may be:

  • Cactus Plants- If you’re a plant novice, pick up a cactus. These plants thrive in natural light and only have to be watered once a week.
  • Air Plants- These spidery guys don’t even need soil to survive. All you have to do to water them is dunk them in water for two or three hours every 10 days—a perfect activity while you labor the afternoon away crunching numbers.
  • Aloe Vera- Forget to water your Aloe Vera? No problem. It’s actually worse to over water these plants than to underwater them. Just it give it a soak every week or two.
  • Succulents- These waxy plants actually store water in their thick leaves. Therefore, they typically only require weekly water and enjoy sunlight and dry air.
  • Bamboo- This “lucky” plant needs very little light meaning it’s basically made for cube desks. Even better? It’ll give your work space a much-needed Feng Shui boost.

Large Indoor Plants

There are a number of reasons that a business or homeowner would want to decorate their space with tall indoor plants.

Taller indoor plants exude the soothing feeling of shelter. People have an instinctive need to surround themselves with foliage. Also, using plants at varied heights (small, medium and tall) will help create the feel of nature indoors. Nature is random and by mixing up the size of your indoor plants your space will be able tap into the essence of the outdoors.

Some good options for larger office plants may be:

  • Palm Plants– There are a wide variety of palms that can be used indoors. Many upright palms can get quite tall in height. Most palms enjoy medium to high light. Having them by a window is best. Palms benefit from high humidity and don’t do well in soggy soil.
  • Ficus Tree- The Ficus Tree is a popular and inexpensive office plant. They do require high light and lots of water. They are a great addition to any office space.
  • Schefflera Plant-  If you have an area with high light (preferably direct or bright indirect light), Schefflera could be a very good plant for you. Make sure to water regularly and let the soil dry.
  • Dracaenas Plants- Dracaenas are one of the most common types of tall indoor plants. Dracaenas come in a variety of sizes, shapes and forms. Dracaenas are very popular because they are fairly easy to care for. They tolerate most indoor conditions and don’t require high light.

Dish Gardens

Dish Gardens are very popular these days. Miniature gardens are created in decorative container’s combining groups of blooming and green plants. They’re a fantastic way to bring nature indoors, to brighten up your office,  and to naturally assist with cleaning indoor air spaces. Most dish gardens are low maintenance and thrive under most conditions.

How to Properly Care for Orchids

Orchids are beautiful and graceful flowers. Orchids come in multiple colors, shapes and sizes. Did you know that there is over 22,000 species of orchids? Care requirements vary based on the type. Regardless of which orchid type you may have you can follow some easy steps to keep your orchid looking healthy and fresh. 

Here are some easy steps you can take to create the perfect environment for your orchids:

  1. Use pots with drainage holes. It is very important your orchid pots are equipped with drainage holes for excess water to run out. You don’t want root rot to kill your beautiful orchid!
  2. Place your pots near south or east facing windows if possible. Orchids require strong but indirect light to thrive. If you don’t have a window facing south or east your next best option is placing them by a window with a west view. However due to increased sunlight from west views please ensure you keep a sheer curtain on the window to avoid your orchid getting burnt. North views may not provide your orchid enough light to bloom.
  3. Maintain a temperature of 16-24C in your home or office. Orchids do extremely well in modest temperatures. They will die if it gets too cold. Correct temperature varies based on the species of your orchid but in general if you keep your home at 16C your orchids should do just fine.
  4. Provide your orchids with gentle air circulation to keep the roots healthy. In mild months you may open windows in your home for a gentle breeze.

Now that you have some general knowledge on creating the perfect environment for your orchids to live a long life we would like to go over watering, feeding and pruning your orchids. 

  1. Water your orchids before they go dry.  Inside your orchid pot the orchid should have a plastic clear pot with holes in the bottom. Remove the exterior pot and place the plastic pot in a bucket of water. Allow the orchid to soak for approximately five minutes before removing it from the water. Allow the orchid to drain and then place your plastic pot back into the original pot.
  2. Fertilize your orchids once per month while they’re flowering. Use a balanced liquid fertilizer, mix it at half strength  and feed the orchids once per month. Do not water them within several days after fertilizing or the nutrients will leach out with the water.
  3. Cut off stems when the flowers have died. Most orchids don’t flower more then once on the same stem with the exception of the Phalaenopsis.


 The last thing we would like to share with you is what you can do if your orchids become diseased or infested with bugs and pests. Bugs and pests are not good for your orchids

  1. If you see any insects remove them immediately by hand. Signs of insects may be sticky leaves and black mold. Use your hands to remove all the visible insects on the top and underside of the leaves and flower stalks.
  2. Clean the affected leaves with soapy water. Add a squirt of dish soap to a cup of room temperature water, dip a soft cloth in the solution and gently wipe down each leaf and flower stalk. The soapy water will remove the stickiness and will kill any remaining insects.
  3. If these problems persist, spray your orchid with insecticide. If you did step 1 and 2 but insects still persist, visit your local garden center and ask for help picking out an insecticide that is safe for orchids.
  4. If you notice that your orchid has discolored leaves or spots on them, it is likely suffering from a disease. Remove as much of the infected tissue as possible. Use a sterile cutting tool to cut away the diseased leaves, stems and flowers. After cutting away the diseased tissue, spray your orchid with fungicide or bactericide. You may find these products at your local gardening center.

Please take a look at our beautiful orchid plant options.

Expressing your Condolences with Flowers & Gifts

Sending flowers after someone passes away is a very common way of expressing sympathy to the family of a deceased individual. In ancient times flowers were used to adorn the casket and/or burial site and also to anoint the deceased. Today flowers are meant to comfort those who are grieving and serve as a reminder of the spirit of life. Sending flowers is a wonderful way to let the family know they are in your thoughts during this difficult time. You may also send a fruit or gourmet basket to the family once the funeral is over to let them know they are still in your thoughts. It may also be helpful for struggling family members who haven’t had time to pick up groceries with the busy time of visitation and funeral planning. It is usually the sender’s intention to offer comfort during these times.

Shades of Pink Heart Wreath

An important step in choosing funeral flowers is to recognize the wishes of the family. Some families may ask for a donation to a favorite charity or a personal cause. Some people choose to send flowers to the visitation or funeral in addition to making a donation. The decision is ultimately yours but respecting the family’s wishes is always appreciated.

The FTD Sweetly Rest Casket Spray

Once you have chosen to send flowers consult with a local reputable florist such as and discuss with them what you have in mind of sending. Flower type, color theme, budget and delivery information will be great information to discuss. You should be ready to provide the florist with information about the deceased as well. The florist will need to know the name of the person who passed away, the date, time and location of the funeral service.  You may also like to think about what you would like your card message to the family to say or if you would like to add a personalized ribbon to what you’re sending. has a lot of experience with sympathy card messages if you can’t come up with anything on your own we’d be definitely glad to help you out.

Gentle Thoughts Standing Spray

Another important aspect of choosing sympathy flowers is considering which flowers you’d like to be used. Red roses represent love and respect. Pink roses represent grace and gentility. Blue flowers represent peace and serenity. Yellow flowers represent friendship and new beginnings. Each flower and color have different meanings and you should consult with your florist if you have a special message you would like to convey through flower types or colors.

Basket of Funeral Thoughts has been creating beautiful floral arrangements and gift baskets for over 20 years. Our floral design team has extensive knowledge of flowers and we pride ourselves on the look and quality of everything that leaves our doors. Should you find yourself needing to send flowers for a funeral , a visitation, a burial or for any other sympathy service we are here to help you. You may give us a call and we will be right there with you every step of the way making sure your order is well taken care of. We also offer free funeral home delivery to anywhere within the greater Toronto area if your order is over $69.

The FTD Lovely Tribute 

White Roses

White roses are generally considered the purest of all flowers. And you can now send these flowers online by simply clicking on a button on your computer screen. Apart from expressing a sense of innocence and purity, white roses are also ideal for demonstrating love and respect. Send these flowers to couples, family, colleagues and friends. At 416-Flowers, we have pieced together a huge assortment of fresh and gorgeous white roses to help you do just that.

Contrary to what you might think, white roses have a unique charm that stands out in every occasion. True to their timelessness, white roses have numerous applications.  The color white has a strong sense of neutrality that effortlessly impacts a tranquil sensation in every setting.

Fresh White Roses for Decorations

White roses are always a great pick for decorations. These flowers can easily blend in with diverse forms of decor. When used in living spaces, white roses can go a long way in expressing a sense of prosperity, protection and peace. Even if you combine white roses with flowers that have extravagant colours, they never lose their charm.

Our white roses always work great with various types of decor including Mediterranean, Feng Shui, and boho chic among others. Besides the beautification of living spaces, white roses are also ideal wedding flowers and birthday flowers.

The White Rose Bouquet by FTD

Bridal Bouquet Flowers

Whether you are planning a white or abstract themed wedding, white roses can always work magic in enhancing the appeal of the venue. In fact, a white flower bouquet is normally considered the ultimate wedding flowers gift. Since white roses can effortlessly get along with several colours and accents, they are always a great choice for many bridal bouquet compositions.

Depending on the theme of the wedding and your specific needs, white roses can be used to decorate the venue just as they are or combined with other accessories to create centerpieces. We offer fresh boxed white roses, white roses in a vase, and bouquet of white roses.

The Best Flowers for Appreciating Your Loved Ones

You can never go wrong with a gift of flowers. Considering their strong sense of purity and tranquillity, presenting a bouquet of white roses to your better half can make a great impression in declaring your sincere devotion to them. Whether wrapped in a paper, arranged in a box or vase, white roses are a cool gift that will undoubtedly warm the heart. In fact, you can even send these roses to patients to wish them quick recovery.

Regardless of how and where you intend to use white roses, it’s important that you get them fresh from a trusted florist. 416-Flowers is the best local florist in Toronto that you should always rely on for a same day flower delivery service. We provide the best flowers that you can easily order or send to the people that you care about whenever you wish.

Luxury 20 White Roses

Order White Roses Online at 416-Flowers

The white roses that we offer at 416-Flowers are available in varying stem sizes, shapes and floral arrangement so you can easily get the perfect match for your needs. Buy white roses online from 416-Flowers now to get the best cheap flower delivery service

White Roses in a Vase

 Clarity Luxury Rose Bouquet

Placing white roses in a vase in your living space can easily inspire a sense of serenity throughout the space. However, that is not all that you can achieve with these specials. In fact, white roses in a vase can work great as gifts for people you cherish. If you wish to send flowers to show sincere commitment to their protection, choose white roses.

416-Flowers is the best local florist in Toronto, offering an assortment of gorgeous white roses in a vase. We understand the unique applications of fresh flowers. As such, we have put together the best selections to enable you to create the desired impression on your loved ones, and in living spaces. Whether you need wedding flowers, birthday flowers, or funeral flowers, we have the best for you.

Diverse Vase Sizes to Choose From

The quantity of flowers in a vase usually has a lot to do with their overall impression. That’s why we use different vase sizes for our white roses. The vases that we use are crafted in diverse sizes that cater for varying quantities of flowers. We offer flowers in small, medium, large and abstract sized vases that you can always choose from based on the quantity of white roses that you need.

You can also choose the sizes of the flower arrangements based on the available space at the venue where the flowers will be displayed. We have elegant vases for white roses of 40cm, 50cm and 60cm stems.

Numerous Vase Designs and Styles

Considering the integral role that flowers play in decorations, we are always very keen on providing white roses in vases in diverse styles and designs. We offer the flowers in vases that are enhanced with traditional, transitional and modern accents. This makes it easier for you to order flowers in a vase that perfectly complements the mood of your space or recipient.

Even if you don’t have a better idea on how to choose a suitable vase design and style, we have expert florists to guide you in making the best selection based on your expectations.

Highly Durable Flower Vases

Flower vases are generally made of different kinds of materials including glass, plastic, metal, and wood among others. Although a local florist will tell you that all materials are good, each has unique properties that could elevate or jeopardize the final impression. Glass vases are usually the most elegant and they usually work great with different kinds of decor.

However, we also provide white roses in vases made of other durable and safe materials like ceramics. As a result, you will always get the best money value whenever you order white roses in a vase from 416-Flowers. The vases can still form a greater part of your decor even after the flowers have withered.

Order the Best White Roses in a Vase Online

416-Flowers is the best florist in Toronto to always buy white roses in a vase online from. We have unique flowers that sell at discounted prices.  Regardless of the size, design, style or material of the vases, we always guarantee fresh flowers and cheap flower delivery. Count on us to offer you the best florist delivery service in Toronto.

Vase Arrangements


Colors of the Rainbow Flowers

Choosing the best flower vase arrangements can be quite confusing when shopping for flowers online. However, that should not be a reason to make you shy away from buying flowers online. It should also not make you fail to send flowers when you want to. At 416-Flowers, we have expert florists with experience in unique floral arrangements to ensure that you always get a perfect match for your specific needs.

Unlike what most people think, a vase arrangement is an art that requires creativity and a keen attention to details. We understand vase arrangements have a greater bearing on the overall appeal of flower. As such, we remain committed to offering artistry and spending time on floral arrangements to come up with the best arrangements for different occasions.

We always emphasize on unique flower vase arrangements to enable you to create a spectacular impression on the people that you care about. Our florists use fresh and blooming flowers to craft intricate flower vase arrangements to help you express your love in the most incredible way. Our flower vase arrangements are always a great choice for a number of occasions. So, if you are looking for birthday flowers, wedding flowers, or mother’s day flowers, count on us to have a vase arrangement that suits your occasion.

Some of the major flower vase arrangements that we offer include;

Fan Shaped Floral Arrangement

As the name suggests, this floral arrangement assumes the shape of a fan. In creating this arrangement, we use fresh flowers and leaves with fresh blossoms to bring out a unique yet intricate masterpiece. Depending on your expectations, you can choose the fan shaped flower vase arrangement with the same types of flowers or a combination.

Vertical Arrangement

This is also another intricate vase arrangement that is mainly used in bouquets and baskets. In this arrangement, we use fresh blossoms in varying shades and shapes to create a spectacular show of love and devotion.

The ‘’S’’ Shaped Vase Arrangement

This type of floral arrangement is crafted in the shape of letter S. One of the benefits of this vase arrangement is that it’s usually bigger in size and, ideal for various occasions including weddings, birthdays and funerals. Flowers are placed on exquisite stands in an upright position. This makes them stand apart in every setting.

Oval Shaped Arrangement

In oval shaped arrangement, we carefully cut and trim flowers and stems to create an oval-like feature. This vase arrangement has a bushy and dense look that gives it a distinctive, intricate appeal. In fact, it is one of the best floral arrangements and it is used in interior decor.

Crescent Floral Arrangement

This is also known as the C-vase arrangement. It entails the use of freshly cut blossoms, leaves and stems that are skillfully placed in an orientation that creates the letter C. The flowers are tied together with colorful ribbons and elegant accents for a gorgeous appeal on every space.

Apart from the above arrangements, we offer other vase arrangements like cascade, triangular, horizontal, and elliptical arrangement among others.

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Boxed White Roses

Do you want to send flowers to someone special? Then consider sending them boxed white roses. Boxed white roses are a unique attraction for many flower lovers. Compared to a bouquet or vases of white roses, boxed white roses are usually in very high demand. And, this is mainly due to the fact that the flowers are nicely packaged in elegant boxes that not only keep them safe but, also healthy for a relatively longer period.

At 416-Flowers, we offer fresh and beautiful boxed white roses for spectacular decor, bridal bouquets, showing appreciation among other numerous applications. To bring out a unique touch of purity and tranquillity, our boxed white roses are available in varying dimensions. And, our expert florists are always ready to help you choose the best boxed white roses.

Diverse Shapes and Styles of Flower Boxes

Boxed white roses usually come in a wide range of shapes and styles to choose from. As a leading online flower shop, we provide unique boxed white roses for different uses. We have put together an assortment of shapes and styles that stand apart in every occasion. Our boxed white roses are available in standard and abstract shapes including rectangular, square, round, and heart among others.

The boxes are also crafted in different styles that complement traditional, contemporary and transitional themes. The flowers are carefully and beautifully arranged in the boxes to always create a refreshing impression regardless of how they are used.

If you are looking for wedding flowers, sympathy flowers, mother’s day flowers, or simply the best flowers, consider our boxed white roses. Also use these flowers to decorating your home or venue for any occasion.  We provide the best flowers to match the space and themes of varying occasion. Even if you need boxed white roses to present as a gift to a loved one, we offer heart-shaped and other romantic themed pieces for the perfect impression.

Freshly Cut Roses

At 416-Flowers, we understand the health of flowers always have a strong impact on their overall appeal. Therefore, we provide the freshest flowers that last for several days. Besides, the flowers that we sell are preserved in the best conditions to keep them full of life for up to seven days.

This coupled with the floral foam at the bases of the boxes guarantees you that the flowers that you buy from us will stay healthy and firm for many days to come. Thus, you are guaranteed the best money value with our flowers. If you wish to our boxed white roses to decorate your living space, we also advise you on how to keep their blossoms.

Discount Flowers

Contrary to the myth that boxed white roses are usually expensive, we offer the best discount flowers. Thus, you can easily buy these flowers without digging deeper into your pocket. So, if you are looking for a cheap flower deliver service, 416-Flowers got you covered. We deliver the best flowers at discounted rates that will truly save you money.

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The easiest way to get the best boxed white roses is placing an order online at 416-Flowers. With us, you are always guaranteed fresh flowers at discounted rates. Check out our assortment of boxed white roses then place your flower order right away.



Boxed Red Roses


There are various forms of floral arrangements to choose from when buying flowers online. Boxed flower arrangement is one of the most preferred arrangements by many people today. Boxed red roses are a collection of flowers that are designed and displayed in a container, box, vase, ceramic or basket. If you want to buy fresh boxed red roses online, 416-Flowers is the right florist to turn to.

Our boxed red roses continue to attract many because we always guarantee fresh flower delivery and discounted prices. In fact, we are also very keen to ensure unique packaging of our boxed red roses. This enables these flowers to bring out the desired impression. Here are more reasons why boxed red roses from 416-Flowers are always the best.

Floral Foam

We offer a huge assortment of boxed red roses with floral foams at the bases. One of the benefits of the floral foam is that it helps keep the flowers healthy and fresh for a longer period of time. We use the best floral foams that will keep your flowers in perfect bloom for up to seven days.

The floral foam also keeps the flowers firm and strong. Besides, the boxed arrangement of the red roses also contributes to the immense greenery and foliage. This impacts the overall beauty of this floral design.

No Need to Rearrange the Flowers

Unlike bouquet flowers, boxed red roses usually take some time and a keen attention to details during arrangement. As a result, we always deliver boxed red roses as a complete package that will not need rearrangement after delivery. Just the way they are, our boxed red roses make great centerpieces for decorating living spaces as well as venues for events like weddings and birthday parties. So, if you are looking for wedding flowers or birthday flowers, consider our boxed red roses.

Numerous Styles, Shapes and Sizes to Choose From

Another benefit of buying boxed red roses from 416-Flowers is that you can always choose just any shape, style or size that suits your specific needs. We offer boxed red roses in 40cm, 50cm and 60cm stems. In fact, we can arrange the roses in unique styles and shapes that complement the particular impression that you intend to create.

Easy Maintenance

Whenever you order boxed flowers online from 416-Flowers, you easily avoid the stress of doing maintenance. As hinted above, our boxed red roses have floral foam at the base. This soaks up water to keep the flowers fresh for a relatively longer period. To extend their lifespan, you only need to add a little water into the box every day.

With boxed red roses, you do not have to look for a vase to hold the flowers because they are already arranged properly in a box. This will not only give you an easy time in taking care of the flowers but also ensure that your flowers remain fresh and healthy for several days.

Buy Premium Boxed Red Roses Online

At 416 Flowers, we have the best assortment of boxed red roses that you can now easily order online. We also offer the best same day flowers delivery service. So, if you want to send flowers today, order boxed red roses with 416 Flowers and we will be glad to deliver them for you.

Bouquet of White Roses


When you decide to buy a bouquet of white roses online, 416-Flowers is the most convenient florist to rely on. We are a flower delivery service that is committed to the provision of freshly-cut and beautiful flowers at the convenience of our customers. We provide a wider selection of wedding flowers, sympathy flowers, funeral flowers, birthday flowers and mothers’ day flowers.

While there are many local florists offering fresh flower delivery, quite a number of people today opt to order flowers online. Whether you want to send flowers as a gift to someone you care about, decorate your home or a venue in Toronto place your order with 416-Flowers. We offer an incredible assortment of the best and discount flowers. We are the online flower shop to place your order with regardless of the floral arrangement that you are looking for.

Same Day Flower Delivery

One of the major reasons for ordering flowers online is the fact that it is less-stressful. By ordering your flowers online, you avoid walking or driving to a local florist store. Using your internet enabled phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, you can easily browse through our bouquets of white roses, place an order, and have flowers delivered on the same day.

To give you an easier time in finding the right bouquet of white roses, we have included information about each bouquet. Regardless of the particular bouquet that you choose, we will make sure that the flowers are delivered fresh and at the specified time without any compromise. Thus, you are guaranteed greater convenience because you save a lot of time and effort.

Discount Flowers

While buying a bouquet of white roses from a local florist along the streets might seem like a more cost-effective option, it could cost you more than anticipated. At 416-Flowers, we offer the best assortment of fresh and discount flowers. Based on your budget and needs, we can provide the best bouquet of white roses. Coupled with our cheap flower delivery policy, you are always guaranteed greater money savings every time you order flowers online from us. So, instead of asking, “where do I get a flower shop near me”, turn to 416-Flowers.

Whether you want your flowers to be delivered to your home or sent to a special person in Toronto, we will do so at discounted rates. Even if you need same day flower delivery, we always have the best rates that will never put you through a financial strain. By relying on us for flower delivery, you are guaranteed fresh bouquets of white roses for less.

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At 416-Flowers, we focus on providing a beautiful assortment of fresh flowers for every occasion. Whether you need fresh flower delivery for birthday, wedding, funeral, or mother’s day, we have the best flowers for you to choose from. We also have devotion, appreciation, and sympathy flowers. Our assortments of flower bouquets come with unique floral arrangements that you can also choose from.

Order white roses online now to send flowers to loved ones with ease and at an affordable price!